Principal | Art Director | Motion Graphics Artist

After working at video post-production houses in Cincinnati and Seattle for many years, Lucy started her own studio in 2009.  She enjoys taking projects from concept to completion with on-time, on-budget, creative solutions. Lucy has extensive experience designing and animating graphics for television and corporate video including show opens/graphics packages, promos, commercials, informational graphics and multiscreen presentations.

Leann Moffitt

Animator | Motion Graphics Artist.

Leann has been working as an animator since 2012. Her background is in character animation, and that is expressed in the movement she brings to motion graphics.

Aside from making high quality motion graphics videos, she takes delight in bringing characters and objects to life with her ability to animate and illustrate.


Designer | Motion Graphics Artist.

As a designer and animator, Josh enjoys the creative process from branding, illustration and storyboarding to the final animation. He loves the way timing, movement and music can complement each other to evoke emotions and tell a complete story through film and video.